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100% of profits are donated

Bare Skincare is based in the UK and Barra, The Gambia, and 100% of the profits go back to Barra village. The profits are then directed by a local group called Team Mangrove ​who been brought together by the Ebrimas Manneh in his hometown, where love, sharing and community are key.

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Team mangrove 

"For me the whole idea behind Team Mangrove is, for young people especially, to see that they can make a difference to their own community - and country really.  


We have to get this idea into them from very young now, before they get the thought so deep in the head in that their future lies in the West. Then they can't think of anything else. 

We also want to do things as a Team so they can learn to work well with each other as a community." 

- Ebrimas Manneh

Our projects so far...

Library and peer reading

Who doesn’t enjoy a book? Plans are afoot to build a children’s library and peer-reading scheme.

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Grow your own

out of rainy season

A well-building project is underway so people can plant and harvest fruit and vegetables at home.


A community centre and home being built by the community for the community. The Mangroves will also welcome visitors who want to holiday, away from the tourist hot-spots and experience a great Gambian experience.  At the centre, guests will be hosted by locals who are proud to share their home, food, culture and knowledge.

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street clean

A football match was organised for youngsters where the entry fee for taking part was - to help in cleaning the street.  The children came out in force to keep the street rubbish-free so they could enter the tournament.

Fort Bullen festival

Barra's festival is a focus for bringing together the diverse cultures in Niumi district of The Gambia, where they can re-connect with and celebrate traditions while sharing with other locals and tourists. Find out more at

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We would love to keep you updated on all of our exciting projects from Team Mangrove. Click the link below and follow our page!


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