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Environmental Facts 

At Bare we have done a lot of research regarding our packaging.


After a lot of tried and error we plumped for PET plastic. We really need your help and ask you to recycle and reuse all the packaging you receive your Bare in.  

All PET plastic bottles can be recycled. Recoup’s UK Household Plastics Collection Survey 2014’ confirmed that nearly 60% of PET plastic bottles in the household waste stream are now being collected for recycling.


We all need to ensure that recycling rates continue to grow and we urges people to recycle their plastic bottles and not discard them as litter.


We need this number to rise  so we implore you to wash all containers with hot soapy water and recycle.


PET plastic bottles have been redesigned so that they are 30% lighter than 15 years ago and increasing amounts of recycled plastic are used to manufacture the containers we use..




environmentally friendly skincare
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