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Meet louise

My Bare journey began in West Africa. I was there for some months and I thought I had taken enough moisturiser and body creams to see me through my time away. After all the expenditure of my cosmetic bag cost more than my airfare so I was confident I had packed enough...

Disaster struck.

Despite rationing myself I ran out. I had not taken enough beauty creams with me. I was lamenting my situation to my good friend Ebrima Manah when he asked me what was in the creams; I had to admit to not really knowing.

I could read the label but I realised I was more swayed by the glamorous advertising and lovely looking models.


He offered to make me up the same balms he and his family had used for generations, creams from locally sourced ingredients. These included Shea Nut, Mango, Coconut, Moringa, Beeswax and Raw Honey.


All of these ingredients were unrefined, organic, natural and just there. 

natural skin care product
natural skin care ingredients

Believe it or not, despite Ebrimas and his family having the most gorgeous complexion and beautifully plump moisturised skin, I was nervous. Could I trust the creams he was concocting for me? How could a man know about skin products?  How could they work on someone like me whose skin was used to high end, luxurious creams and potions?


I have never been so needlessly concerned in my whole life. These creams were the true meaning of luxurious they were indulgent, gorgeous,  simply exquisite. 


This was a turning point.


My face had never felt better. Any little blemishes I had covered with concealer vanished. My skin felt so soft. My face adopted the same beautiful plump youthful look that I had witnessed in Ebrimas family.

 My body felt fed. This is a word I had never associated with body cream before. My body was working with the creams. I felt they were working in unison.

Bare Skincare is natural skincare and came directly from nature and the effect was dramatic and they were not costing the earth - on so many levels.


It did not go unnoticed. On my return to the UK, many people commented on the quality of my skin. Tentatively, because I know nothing about marketing cosmetics,  I have decided to launch Bare Products, sharing natural ingredients and recipes handed down through the generations with you.  


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