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Bare Body uses raw shea nuts and raw coconuts harvested by hand, naturally processed and transformed into a beautifully oxidant rich, gentle, moisturising body tonic which is then whipped into a wonderful substance to create a creamy, melting, luxuriously textured all natural Bare Body butter.

Bare Body is an intense nutrient packed treatment that hydrates all skin types. It promises to nurture the skin. It embraces fine lines and wrinkles, lovingly sooths cellulite and produces a protective layer that continues hydrating the skin long after its application.

Nature displayed here in her purest form, feels lavishly expensive, supremely extravagant and totally indulgent. Organically possessing the vitamins C,E & A.

This butter is one of the absolute best ways to keep skin effortlessly nourished, a super food. By adding a Bare Body to a skin care routine, the skin will stay hydrated, healthily feeding the body from the outside in.


SKU: 0002
  • Raw Shea Butter

    Raw Coconut Butter

    Essential oil

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